Road Trip to Redmond, WA from Bloomington, IN – Summary

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

This sounded little bit crazy for me (initially) and for most of the people, but I really wanted to do this because,

  1. Last time when I was in MSR, one of my fellow intern had done this with his family with 3 children
  2. I always wanted to go across USA to see different states, outside of suburban areas.

When I get the chance to go to MSR this time also, I thought of driving there. A big thank should go to Fazni for encouraging me and to Thushari and Dihini for always staying with me at all times.


Total Distance : 2723 miles (including drive within Yellowstone)

Time: 7 days (with total driving time of about 45hrs)

Fuel Consumption :

Total Gallons : 92.7

Average Gas Price : $2.2225 (lowest in Indiana $1.999, highest in Washington $2.4)

Maximum Speed : 75mph + allowance (which I’m not gonna mention here ;) )

Driving Experience :

Best area to drive : Between St. Regis and Henderson in Montana. This area gave me the real feeling of Need for speed, taking very sharp turns at 80mph (without drifting) :)

Worst area to drive : South Dakota. and US-212. Damn it, no gas station, food or even a human for hundreds of miles. Some times I was scared to death.

Places visited : Yellowstone National Park for two days, Mount Rushmore and Spokane Falls.


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