Road Trip to Bloomington, IN from Redmond, WA - Summary

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Since I drove to Redmond, obviously I had to drove back to Bloomington. This time I really wanted to go and visit Grand Canyon and Arches National Park. So we had to go south and then head east.


Total Distance : 3544 miles (including drive within Grand Canyon and Arches National Park)

Time: 8 days (with total driving time of about 45hrs)

Fuel Consumption :

Total Gallons : 122.754

Average Gas Price $2.705507 (lowest in Denver,CO $2.49, highest in Mexican Hat, UT $2.94)

Maximum Speed : 80mph + allowance (which I’m not gonna mention here ;) )

Driving Experience :

Best area to drive : Highway 89 from Kanab, UT to Page, AZ. Again this was just like driving as in Need-for-Speed III with the same scenes and narrow and winding roads through canyons.

Worst area to drive : From Cuba City, AZ to Mexican Hat, UT through Monument Valley. I was driving in the dark night at 70mph with lots of "Cows open range" and " Deer Crossing" signs. No one was driving on the same direction and it was only me.

Places visited : Shoshone Falls, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Mexican Hat, Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO.


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