Tips on Getting Back to Windows 7 from Ubuntu

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

With the impressive stability of Windows 7 (and also due to the nature of my current work), I decided to get back to Windows (once again!!). The question I had in my mind was mostly the availability compatible windows versions of some tools I used to use in Ubuntu . But after sometime I found alternatives and this blog lists some of the tools I found so far, in case if anyone is interested.

Research paper writing through Latex

TexMaker (thanks Ajith Ranabahu for introducing me to this) is a great tool which works both on Ubuntu and Windows. Here is the installation guide to get miktex and texmaker in your system.

presentations, documents and spreadsheets

I don’t think I missed open office when I moved to Windows. Microsoft Office suite is the best set of tools to edit documents. But in case if you want to get the open-office documents converted to word format, either convert them using open-office itself or use google docs. I use google docs extensively, so my document conversion was not that hard.

command line usage

This is the hardest thing for me in Windows, when I moved. All the commands are changed and didn’t have the powerful set of commands I had in to linux. But GnuWin32 packages is the solution. Install at least the core-utils. Download the package and extract it to a local folder. Then add the bin folder to your PATH variable and you are good to go.


What else? Pidgin.

secure communication with SSH

Use puttygen to convert your key to ppk file. Then use pageant as the key-agent. Instructions are here.
Also if you can get hold of SSH Secure Shell for Workstations, its a nice tool to access and transfer files to remote linux boxes.


Use tortoise svn. May be you might not need this if your IDE itself is supporting svn internally.

drawing diagrams and graphs

Use dia to draw diagrams and GnuPlot for graphs.

light-weight text editor

I noticed that notepad and wordpad are not simple anymore. I started using notepad++

other tools

Google Chrome (browser), VLC (media player), skype (VoIP), 7-zip (zipping), Intellij IDEA or Eclipse (development tools), JDK (java development), Adobe pdf viewer have their windows counterparts available to download.

If I miss anything, please let me know and I’m happy to update this list for everyone’s benefit.


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